5 Common Holiday Gift Giving Mistakes – And How We Can Help You Avoid Them!

  • Feb 2, 2017

Excerpted from Mark S. Repkin's article "5 Employee Holiday Gift Mistakes" (Copyright 2009).


OMG - the Holidays are here already!!!  Time to start thinking about party preparations, addressing greeting cards, shopping, budgeting PLUS doing all the other stuff you normally have to do.

Time is of the essence - and there is not ANY to spare.  BUT - for the sake of company morale - sourcing and purchasing holiday gifts for your staff needs to be placed high on your “MUST DO” list.  Here's how we can help you with this most important task:


  • Let us review some of the most common Gift Giving mistakes,
  • propose a VERY simple, cost-effective way you can avoid them, AND
  • get this important job crossed off your list BY
  • giving your entire staff the exact gift they want using the Gift Of Choice Program.


5 Holiday Gift Giving Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistake #1: Wasting precious time sourcing and purchasing gifts.

Is your company guilty of wasting time in committees trying to find the impossible - the perfect one-size-fits-all holiday gift? As a result of this arduous decision-making process, you’ve wasted the time, productivity, and resources of each and every member of the committee. And what have you accomplished in return? You found the perfect gift...for re-gifting.

Mistake #2: Assuming One Gift Fits All.

You may pride yourself on making sure every employee is treated fairly and with respect.  You understand that everyone is an individual, with different likes and dislikes, beliefs and interests. But, gifts that are appreciated by some may be highly offensive to others, never mind that your intentions were good.  In contrast, smart companies carefully recognize the diversity in its workforce-with gift options that allow employees to choose their own gifts.

Mistake #3: Including the Price Tag

When employers give cash or gift cards, employees can't help but evaluate the amount given - and there is no disguising the price tag on monetary-based gifts.  It is what it is.  Basically, it's a value that will always be judged as too much or too little.

Mistake #4: Doing Nothing

You’ve got long-term dedicated employees who have been with you through thick and thin. That team who put together a work plan and successfully cut costs in a big way; the single parents who sacrificed time with their kids when you call an after-hours meeting; the assistant who took on additional responsibilities without so much as a complaint. Here’s your chance to say “thanks so much, you are valuable to us” in a tangible way.

Mistake #5: Achieving Little or No Memory Value

Can you remember who gave you cash or gift cards for your last Holiday Gift?  Or what you bought with them, for that matter?  Neither will your employees.  You need to find a gift that is strongly related with your company and expresses your gratitude.