5 Important Considerations When Picking Promotional Products

  • Feb 2, 2017

Working on those marketing plans for 2017?  Don’t forget to “build in” promotional products, which are proven marketing powerhouses (*see the link below for stats that confirm this fact).

If you need some help in choosing the best promotional product(s) that will optimize your marketing goals for 2017, keep in mind the following five considerations:

1. Target Audience

What items are recipients likely to throw away, give to the kids, OR keep and use every day AND/OR SHOW EVERYBODY because it’s so cool? (BTW, we have lots of deals every month that meet the “keep and show everybody” standard!!)

2. Brand

The more you can relate your brand to the rest of your messaging, the more powerful the whole campaign becomes. Example:  An eco-friendly brand would choose recycled or repurposed promotional products, like bags made out of plastic bottles.  We are happy to make recommendations if you need them.

3. Imprint Space

Will the logo/messaging be big enough within the max imprint space to stand out at a reasonable distance? For instance, pens can be tricky when it comes to getting your logo and contact information on them legibly.  Please don’t hesitate to ask me about imprint areas and capabilities of any product you are thinking to purchase.  That’s what we are here for!

4. Perceived Value

There are 3 main categories for this consideration.

  • Extremely Useful – accessed every day, like tumblers, pens, microfiber cloths, chip clips
  • Unique and cool –items made from unusual materials, personalized or new “gadgets”
  • Lavishly Extravagant – consumer electronics, leather-bound books, brand name items

5. Distribution

How heavy is the item? What type of shipping will work and has it been tested?  And most importantly, how do you make sure the recipients you targeted actually receive the item?  We can offer pros and cons on shipping and distribution methods to help you finalize your choices on the most advantageous way to get your promo items to your intended target audience.


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